Zuidbroek: specialists in corporate law

At Zuidbroek we believe that arranging your legal affairs properly now will bring you benefits in
the (near) future. We have been advising and supporting organisations for years with regard to
corporate law issues and transactions. We also regularly publish papers on these topics and act
as lecturers in specialist training courses. Because of our hard work, we’ve accumulated years
of knowledge and experience in the following focus areas.

Transaction practice
The Zuidbroek team advises on numerous acquisitions and investment rounds for companies. In these transactions we work closely with your other (tax and legal) advisers involved. We grasp the dynamics and always think proactively about complex fund flows, which allows us to draw up the correct legal documentation.
Corporate law focuses on questions concerning the interpretation of control, management and supervision. These questions apply to all types of companies and organisations. These questions are relevant for listed and family-owned companies, but also for foundations such as healthcare and education institutions. We are experts in the field of governance and are happy to discuss any area of this with you. You can always expect crystal-clear advice from us.
Investment funds practice
Our funds practice focuses on the structuring and advising of private equity, venture capital and real estate funds. We seamlessly translate our years of experience into clear, tailored advice from both a commercial standpoint and financial supervisory law perspective. And because we are also civil law notaries, we are able to set up the entire fund structure efficiently. Naturally, the manager and carried interest entity are included throughout the process. And when it comes to the tax part, we work closely with the tax specialist involved.
We have years of experience with (re)structuring companies and giving shares advice. We advise you on both the best structure and on that structure’s implementation. In addition to incorporations of companies and transfers of shares, we are highly skilled in legal mergers and divisions of companies.
Not for profit
We know the sectoral legislation and regulations and the various governance codes in the semi-public domain inside and out. For example, we guide healthcare institutions, housing associations, educational institutions and public-private companies with their management models, (re)structuring, decision-making processes and financing issues. We take it upon ourselves to provide you with solid advice by combining our extensive experience and legal knowledge. We also assist pension funds with mergers, liquidations and their governance model.
Cooperatives exist on a local, national and even international level. They act as a flexible platform for the pursuit of a shared ambition. At Zuidbroek we help you with all types of cooperatives. From classic to modern. Business to socially committed. And from robust with deep roots to those searching out new and innovative paths. Our constant aim is to provide you with clear advice on the correct design and governance.